First the short bio…

Jesse Kellerman was born in Los Angeles in 1978. He has published four novels: The Executor, The Genius, Trouble and Sunstroke. He also holds a Master’s of Fine Arts in theater. He has won several awards for his writing, including the 2003 Princess Grace Award, given to America’s most promising young playwright, and the 2010 Grand Prix des Lectrices de Elle, for Les Visages (The Genius). He lives with his wife and son in California.

Then the long, more ridiculous bio

I was born in Los Angeles on September 1, 1978. Some of the famous people who share my birthday are Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875), Conway Twitty (1933), and Rocky Marciano (1923). As a child, I associated my birthday primarily with presents and cake, and secondarily with Hitler’s invasion of Poland (1939).

At the time of my birth, my parents, Drs. Jonathan and Faye Kellerman, were, respectively, a clinical psychologist and a non-practicing dentist, the latter pursuit being a lot like that of a non-practicing Buddhist, insofar as both dentists and Buddhists believe that life is pain.

Nowadays my parents write books, too. What can I say, everybody wants to get in on it.

I have three younger sisters, all fine writers capable of doing it professionally. Time will tell if they choose to do so.

I attended Orthodox Jewish elementary and high schools. Before college I took a year off to study at a men’s religious seminary in Israel.

Following that I enrolled at Harvard University, where I studied psychology, with an emphasis on evolution and antisocial behavior. My true interest was theater, though; I was lucky enough to work with some very fine actors on some very fine plays, a couple of which I wrote, very finely. (See here for more information about that.)

After graduating I took the Commuter Rail out to Brandeis University. Two years later I emerged as a freshfaced MFA playwright.

In 2003 I won the Princess Grace Award, which allowed me to defer employment for a year, time I spent writing my my first novel.

In June 2004, the book was accepted for publication. Ten days later I got married. Verily, I shall always remember that summer with fondness.

My wife, Gabriella, is the center of my life. Most people who know both of us consider her my superior in every conceivable way.

Our first child, Oscar, was born September 13, 2009. That gives him the same birthday as Arnold Schoenberg (1874), Bill Monroe (1911), and Mel Torme (1925). To that end, we have gone ahead and purchased him a grand piano, an F-4 mandolin, and a leisure suit.

We reside in California.

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