The Executor

Jesse Kellerman the Executor

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Things aren’t going well for Joseph Geist.

He’s broke. His graduate school advisor won’t talk to him. His girlfriend has kicked him out of her apartment, leaving him homeless and alone. It’s a tough spot for a philosopher to be in, and he’s ready to give up when an ad in the local paper catches his eye.

“Conversationalist wanted,” it reads.

Which sounds perfect to Joseph. After all, he’s never done anything in his life except play with words. And the elderly woman behind the ad turns out to be the ideal employer: brilliant, generous, and enchantingly old-world. Before long, Joseph has moved in with her, and has begun to feel quite comfortable in her big, beautiful house.

So comfortable, in fact, that he would do anything to stay there—forever.

From the author of The Genius, a dark parable about the choices we make, and the consequences they bring.

Reviews for The Executor


- The New York Times Book Review

Deliciously doom-laden… Clever twists and turns that lead readers up to and away from the climactic moment… Lively and erudite narration is a pleasure to be misled by.

- The Washington Post

An extraordinarily complex and ambitious piece of work… Buy it, read it, and then read it again.

- The Chicago Sun-Times

[An] outstanding novel of psychological suspense… The plot builds to a climax that’s as devastating as it is plausible. Few thriller writers today are as gifted as Kellerman at using lucid and evocative prose in the service of an intense and nail-biting story.

- Publishers Weekly (starred review)

The greatest gift [Kellerman] has is for upending the expected, molding conventional story twists into sneakier, more suprising land mines… Kellerman’s prose style is silken sheen covering deep existential skeletons…

- Los Angeles Times

Cements the young American as one of the hottest crime writers around.

- The Daily Mirror (UK)

Exudes the subtle menace of Hitchcock at his very best… This is a deft, sinuous thriller that creeps up on you like a knife in the darkness–and is every bit as satisfying as the lavish Viennese cream cakes its central characters are so fond of.

- The Daily Mail (UK)

Fine and unforgettable… A deep and dark work… Kellerman, as has been the case since he was first published, continues to meet and exceed his own benchmarks, even as each of his books stand uniquely on their own.


Riveting… [Kellerman's] three previous novels…were all well-received. This latest book will undoubtedly add luster to his already fine reputation and will reinforce the high esteem fully earned by the Kellerman family. [The] intriguing story grips the reader’s attention as it proceeds inexorably to its calamitous conclusion…

- Jewish Post and Opinion

Offers something far richer and more reflective than we customarily find in the mystery-thriller genre… So full of new shocks and surprises, inversions and reversals, that I dare not even hint at them lest I subvert Kellerman’s expert mystery-making. Suffice it to say that nothing in the early pages of the book quite prepares the reader for how it ends. That’s exactly what the author intended, of course, and that’s why he is such a worthy heir to the famous family name.

- The Jewish Journal (LA)

There’s a subtle but gnawing inevitability to this very closely observed, engaging portrait…

- Booklist

Kellerman’s back with this riveting tale. A modern-day take on Crime and Punishment, it’s part character study, part mind-twisting journey. A perspective shift late in the novel is particularly fascinatin. Fans of cerebral suspense will love this. (4.5/5)

- Romantic Times